We created Independent to reimagine the future of the artist owned streaming business.

Independent is a music distribution and media company created to empower the artist entrepreneur.  As the streaming ecosystem continues to mature, artists have unprecedented opportunities to develop sustainable businesses.  We believe that music copyright and royalties are a valuable asset class that if managed effectively can allow artists to create financial stability and build personal wealth.  In many cases, retaining ownership and control of master recording rights is an important part of an artist’s wealth building strategy.  The process of taking music to market independently can be challenging even for experienced managers and artists.  We created Independent to address the pain points we experienced first hand as music managers over the past decade.  Independent’s mission is to provide value to visionary artists and managers through personalized services and innovative tools.  We find inspiration in the place where artistry and entrepreneurship meet.  In a world of infinite access and increased automation, Independent is a human approach to the business of music distribution and streaming strategy.